The FrieslandCampina Institute stimulates the exchange of knowledge with the aim of better nutrition for all. With its expert knowledge of dairy and international network, the FrieslandCampina Institute participates with nutrition and health professionals to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide.


Dairy plays an important role in worldwide nutrient security. We believe that disseminating more science-based information on the role of dairy in our diets, will improve the nutritional status of people worldwide.


Through stimulating scientific debates and by disseminating knowledge on dairy, nutrition and health, FrieslandCampina Institute actively engages with governments, NGOs, institutes, scientists and nutrition & health professionals all over the world.


FrieslandCampina Institute works together with professional associations and builds sustainable partnerships. The Institute offers the following services and/or activities for nutrition & health professionals on a wide variety of nutrition and health topics, ranging from general health in all stages of life to the nutritional composition of milk and dairy products.

  • Scientific conferences
  • Accredited education programs
  • Educational tools for professionals and their clients
  • Round table debates on scientific topics