FrieslandCampina on CSR

We foresee a challenging future for a world inhabiting between seven and nine billion people in 2050. Indeed, population growth will require drastic changes in the way society organizes its feed, food and fuel production. FrieslandCampina therefore aims to play a constructive role in the transition to a more sustainable future by helping to ensure food and nutrition security.

We do not believe in a trade-off between business and society. Societal needs for growth generate business opportunities and increased efficiency which have a favorable impact on social and environmental issues. This is our business case for Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have selected four priority areas to form the basis of FrieslandCampina’s corporate social responsibility strategy:


  • Health & Nutrition: in particular combating obesity and undernourishment globally;
  • Responsible Dairy Farming: with a special focus on developing standards in the field of responsible dairy farming;
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: by working towards a more efficient use of raw materials and resources;
  • Dairy Development in Asia and Africa: helping dairy farmers in these regions to improve milk quality, productivity and business operations, thus increasing their annual income above the poverty line defined by the UN.

For each of these priority areas, we have developed challenging goals, key performance indicators and action plans. At FrieslandCampina, our CSR policy priority is to achieve the ambitions and objectives we have set forth, with tangible results.

FrieslandCampina’s latest CSR report, which includes an overview our objectives and achievements, can be downloaded on our corporate website.

‘We seek to achieve a balance between our performance as a company and our dedication to the environment and society as a whole.’