FrieslandCampina Institute values your opinion

Win an Apple iPad by participating in the FrieslandCampina Institute Survey

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Your opinion about the FrieslandCampina Institute is very important to us! Since we want to provide the best possible service, we would like to gain an insight into the opinion of nutrition and health professionals about the FrieslandCampina Institute and our services. Therefore, we are looking for nutrition and/or health professionals, including registered dietitians, nutritionists, pediatricians, general practitioners, midwives, gynecologists and nurses, to participate in a short survey. Even if you are not familiar with the FrieslandCampina Institute, we still value your opinion.

FrieslandCampina Institute values your opinion

The results of the survey will be used to improve our services, so we can better meet your expectations, interests and needs as a nutrition and health professional. The results will be processed anonymously. The survey will take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete’ and will give you the chance to win an Apple iPad (please find terms and conditions below).

Thank you in advance for your input and ideas.

Click here to go to the survey. You can respond until 12 November 2018.

About the FrieslandCampina Institute

The FrieslandCampina Institute provides nutrition and health professionals scientific information on a wide variety of nutrition and health related topics, ranging from general health in all stages of life to the nutritional composition of milk and dairy products. We provide scientific information in various ways, for example through brochures, e-learnings, conferences and webinars.

Terms and conditions

  1. The FrieslandCampina Institute stakeholder survey runs from 11 October 2018 till 30 November 2018. Update: the survey has been extended until 6 December 2018.
  2. The FrieslandCampina Institute stakeholder survey will focus on the countries: Belgium, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia.
  3. Target group of the stakeholder survey are nutrition and health professionals, like doctors, dietitians, nurses and sport trainers.
  4. Participants of the survey will have a chance to win an Apple iPad if they have completed the questionnaire and provided their email address.
  5. A total of four Apple 9,7 inch iPads (2018) ( will be given away among the group of nutrition and health professionals in the countries indicated (point 2) that have completed the questionnaire and provided their email address
  6. From all the participants who completed the survey and left their email address, four winners will be selected at random by the FrieslandCampina Institute manager International.
  7. The email addresses will only be used to contact the winners. They will not be used for other purposes and therefore deleted after completing the stakeholder survey research.
  8. The winners will be contacted via email no later than November 30, 2018. They will be asked to provide their postal (home) address. Update: Since the survey has been extended, the winners will now be contacted no later than 20 December 2018.
  9. After receiving the postal (home) address of the winners, the iPad will be delivered.
  10. After receiving the Apple Ipad, the winner is responsible for correct installation, use and care of the iPad.